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Artist Painter Salette Viana

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Artist Salette Viana


Salette Viana is a wife and a mother like the others. Almost like the others, because she had the chance to realize many of her dreams. Not only has she traveled all over the world, but above all she has been able to work for others through Art, but not only. Very active in charities in general, she chairs the association CASA DO MENOR France, for help to Brazilian children.

Woman of heart and woman of talent, she has been painting for 40 years for the pleasure of sharing.

Born in Portugal, she moved to Monaco at the age of 25 and crossed paths with painting through the work of an artist. And it's a revelation. This meeting propels her into a universe that will change her life forever. Like an outlet, a catharsis, this new passion quickly leads her down new and exciting paths.

Very quickly she enrolled in renowned painting workshops and then created her own workshop. From still lifes to bust sculptures, she explores different techniques until she develops an original style that opens the most prestigious doors for her. Then she creates a luminous work on the theme of women, her “girls”, whose stories are revealed little by little over the years. 

She participates in annual fairs and exhibits regularly in Monaco, on the Côte d'Azur, but also in other regions of France and abroad: Portugal, Brazil, Malta, Italy, Luxembourg, USA, Turkey, Philippines and Morocco. 

She won several awards. Since one of these different competitions, one of his works will appear on the cover of the telephone directory in Monaco. 

In December 2019, she produced a monumental work which is exhibited at the Contemporary Museum Pensasinan in the Philippines. 

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His approach engages

President of the Casa do Menor France association for 20 years, the NGO Casa do Menor Brasil and its founder Father Renato Chiera, you will find attached some information documents.
As every year at this time we proceed to the sale of panettones in favor of the Brazilian NGO. These very good quality panettones will be on sale mainly at the Monegasque Red Cross, Charles III College, Albert I High School, in certain stores and at the end of masses in several parishes in Monaco.
It's a pretty busy time. On November 29, the Monegasque National Education organizes at the Grimaldi Forum the international day of the rights of the child, highlighting 11 associations which work in favor of underprivileged children of which Casa do Menor is a part.

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The women of Salette Viana

His artistic approach

Mischievous and eternally young, this bubbly septuagenarian has “flirted” with the whole world thanks to her “girls” whom she has scattered all over the globe. This is the story of a woman who talks about other women.

“The theme of women is one of my favourites, an inexhaustible subject.
I try to bring my imaginary characters to life through the expression of their gaze.
Sometimes melancholic, sometimes joyful, mischievous or even naughty, they are ready to engage in conversation, even to seduce you”.

All the audacity of her life is there, in these portraits with which any woman can identify. “Les nanas” by Salette Viana are indeed the joyous reflection of the dreams and secret desires of many women. 

Haughty and intense, they have a strange light in their eyes that speaks to us of their magnificent aspirations as free women and delivers messages.   

“I have a lot to tell…” they seem to tell us.

“Look a woman in the eyes, they will show you the state of her heart. » said Salette Viana. » 

Beautiful and stylish, with their clear eyes that are not cold in the eyes, their long nose that gives them an assertive look, and their flamboyant hair, the “girls” of Salette Viana are timeless. From yesterday and today, they sometimes seem to have come out of the world of Gerda Wegener, an avant-garde painter of the 1930s. Others, on the other hand, correspond perfectly to the image of the modern sexy woman. chic. 

Without complexes and as real conquerors, they appear like models parading on the podium of International Art with insolent ease.

Main exhibitions

  • 2021 – Art 3F Marseille Effect-Mer Gallery Menton Dominican Gallery – Nice Gravis Art Gallery – Nice Art 3F Monaco
  • 2020 – SIAC of Marseille Artists of Monaco Inattendue Gallery La Colle s/Loup Dominican Gallery in Nice Ephemeral Boutique Menton Gravis Art Galery – Nice
  • 2019 – Cap des Arts – Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Kusadasi – Turkey Gemluc Art – Monaco GSIS Museum in Manila Pengasinan Comtemporay Museum in Alcala – Philippine Mendes Immobilier – Cap d'Ail Gemluc Art – Monaco Exhibition hall of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
  • 2018 – Dominican Gallery in Nice ART 3F – Luxembourg Gemluc Art Monaco Saleya Gallery – Nice ART 3F Lyon
  • 2017 – SMART Aix en Provence Artists of the world in Cannes Gemluc Art in Monaco
  • 2016 – Yacht Club of Monaco Mendes Immobilier- Cap d'Ail Gemluc Art Monaco Art 3F Nice
  • 2015 – Domincains Gallery – Nice Art 3F – Exhibition center – Nice Mendes Immobilier – Cap d'Ail Gemluc Art – Monaco Saint Jean Cap Ferrat exhibition hall
  • 2014 – Monaco Artists' Open – Entrepôt Gallery in Monaco La Turbie and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Media Library Societe Generale Private Banking in Monaco Barclay's Bank _ Menton Gemluc Art – Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco Salon “Les Artistes du Monde” _ Cannes Salon Art 3F – Nice