Autres caractéristiques
Artiste Peintre Anne-Marie Torrisi

Exposition#2 - 1 OCT 2021 - 7 JAN 2022 - Entrée Libre / Free Entry

« Art is freedom, the freedom to create, to bring happiness, a parallel world unrestricted by space or time. »

The artisits figurative works are vibrant and dynamic, full of color and life.

Themes of peace, love and everyday life inspire all of her works.

Working through different styles and using a mix of materials and techniques, her pieces are textured and evoke the personality of their subjects. Anne-Marie has exhibited her award- winning works across Europe.

« L’art est la liberté, la liberté de créer, d’apporter le bonheur, un monde parallèle sans espace ni temps. »


Quand le destin semble tout tracé et que soudain il prend un virage inattendu…….

When fate seems mapped out and then suddenly takes an unexpected turn…….

The autobiographical book tells of the journey and events which led the artist through channeling to this passion.

Ce livre autobiographique nous livre le cheminement et les évènements qui l’ont conduite par la médiumnité à cette passion.